MSA_websiteA Non-Profit Association, Grao De Mostarda is a Mozambican non-profit organization, registered in the Manica Province with the ability and right to expand into other provinces.

There are currently five Grao De Mostarda associations which have been started in the Manica province.  We are a multi-denominational movement, predominantly comprised of members of the Churches of Christ in Mozambique. We teach Christians in a variety of forms, but lay special emphasis upon a holistic transformational apprenticeship program that operates through a small number of integrated, for-profit businesses.

baptismThere remains a distinct need for Bible translation and the evangelization of marginalized people groups throughout parts of Africa. However, the overwhelming tendency in our increasingly globalized world is towards integrating those marginalized sectors into the political economies of their developing countries. Leaders do not want their people left marginalized and susceptible to exploitation; they want them to contribute to the growth of their country. Poor people of developing nations are urbanizing at dangerously rapid rates as they seek to join the globalized world; they no longer want to be marginalized either.
For this reason and many others, business has become the modality of our ministry. Business as Mission (BAM) corresponds with the desires of most nations that are struggling to integrate the disenfranchised sectors of their population into their struggle to develop. BAM also addresses a necessary shift in missions for developing countries.

BAM counters the effects of the dichotomized Christianity that has been proliferated throughout Africa and other places, to which the current African health and wealth explosion is a response. BAM offers an approach to attain to the ever-elusive sustainability needed in missions among the poor, without further marring their identity with donations. BAM attends to the Biblical holism that is essential to a worthy missionary enterprise and assists people to become stewards of creation, serve their neighbors and come alive to the Story of Hope found in Christ. BAM addresses the Creation Mandate (Gen. 1:28) as well as the Missionary Mandate (Matt. 28:18-20). BAM seeks to revive the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, holding that all vocations are to be dedicated to God. And BAM also promotes the formation of cross-cultural mission teams as brothers from different nations bring their respective expertise into an enterprise for mutual benefit.

Our BAM efforts are aimed at inducing people to re-populate the rural countryside from which they are emigrating, and turn them into development hubs that are connected to the urban centers. Agriculture is the base of any real economy, and especially so in developing countries. People migrate to cities in Mozambique because they lack the resources, perspective and capacity to imagine a better life in the country. The illusion of a better life in the city seduces them into abandoning rural agricultural life, where genuine wealth and food security is available. We desire to redeem a perception of rural life as good and preferable by making it profitable.