Owner (Sole Proprietor) - Next Step Law Design
Owner (Sole Proprietor) - Next Step Design Solutions
Leader of Women of Integrity Network

Work History

Next Step Law Design (Owner, Sole Proprietor) - Next Step Law Design works with Trial Lawyers and Trial Consultants to produce effective, clearly communicated demonstratives for use in the courtroom, focus groups, or mediations. Click here to visit the Next Step Law Design website.

Next Step Design Solutions (Owner, Sole Proprietor) - Provide website design and development, logo design and company branding, print advertising, and content editing and writing.  NextStep Design Solutions placed 2nd in nation in Direct Marketing/Mail Series at the 2007 CUES Golden Mirror Awards. Click here to visit the Next Step Design Solutions website.

Leader - Women of Integrity Network - The goal of this network is to build up and encourage women to be the best they can be by learning to identify strengths and weaknesses in which to build greater character and become women of integrity.  Amy is currently training women at the Transformation Center, a division of the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. Click here to visit the Women of Integrity Network website.

Personal History

I first met Al and Velma Corson in 2004 when they had a small business in Casper, Wyoming.  I own a web and print marketing company and Al and Velma came to me when they needed to develop a website and other marketing materials for their business.

Over time a friendship developed as I realized we had common ground in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I became a trusted voice when it came to their business marketing needs as I always strive to conduct my business with integrity and honesty due the Name of Jesus.

Al, Velma, and I would often discuss missions work.  When they decided to sell their business and go into full time mission work, I understood their desire and cheered them on. I was especially attracted to the practical aspect of the kind of mission work the Corsons were going to do, and I am very honored to be on their board of advisers.

I still own and operate Next Step Design Solutions and continue to be a witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the marketplace, in my home church, and among the people I meet.  I stay in touch with the Corsons through their newsletter and website.  I feel my major contribution on the board is with practical advice on how to get the Insight Agents of Change message to its supporters and interested persons.  It's a message I feel is worthy to be communicated to a wide audience.