Owner, Videos to Go and Videotronics, Casper, WY


1976 - Certified Electronics Technician, ISCET (#WY-11)

Work History

Videos To Go (Owner, Sole Proprietor) - Video and DVD Rental
Videotronics (Owner, Sole Proprietor) - Consumer Electronics Repair and Maintenance

Personal History

My name is Keith Bredenberg.  I live in Casper Wyoming.  I started in electronics repair in 1968.  Through the years I have gone to most of the large electronic manufacturer's schools. In 1976 I earned my Certified Electronics Technician license from ISCET (#WY-11).  Being in electronics' repair I was introduced to computers early (1974). I am the proprietor for two businesses in the Casper area. Currently most of my work is in the computer industry.

I agreed to be on the board of advisers for SIM inc. after talking with Al and Velma in length about their work in Africa.  I decided to make my expertise in my field available to help them in their endeavor to help the people of Africa.