Youth Minister, Paradise Valley Christian Church


1986 - Bachelor of Arts - General Education, Hope University, Fullerton, CA  

Personal History

My name is Pat Allen.  I am now living in the beautiful state of Wyoming in the U.S. where I was born and raised.  I received by BA degree in General Education at Hope University in Fullerton, CA.  I was a missionary to Africa and various other parts of the world for about 13 years.  Much of what I did, and one of the main reasons for my wanting to be on the board of advisors, was to assist Dr. Stuart Cook in his work developing people's world views.

Insight Agents of Change to me is a mission like no other. I believe they will make a profound impact on any people group they work with because of their understanding of World View. They are more than educational they take it up to the next level and equip for success in life. Practical application brought about by changed thinking. Permanent results. Permanent, positive change.