Director, Turkish World Outreach


1989 - Graduated from Ponderosa High School, Parker, CO

1998 - Bachelor of Arts with major in Bible, Platte Valley Bible College, Scottsbluff, NE

Work Experience

2001-2009 - Missionary with Good News for Africa

Since entering into the mission field in 2001, I have developed and taught Bible and character development classes and seminars for hundreds of church leaders in Northern Mozambique, oversaw many benevolent projects and works, researched several development projects including drilling wells using hand-powered percussion drilling methods, purchased of a large building in the city of Nampula and turned it over to a Mozambican association called "The Mustard Seed Association" then helped them in the management of the building and its resources while I continued Bible training and Christian character development.  Work is in progress with three national interns who are developing a large private chicken farm business to farm a large parcel of land using natural techniques.  The farm is being mentored by several ex-patriots who have vast knowledge in this area with the goal of these interns learning farming techniques and passing that information on to other members of the Mustard Seed Association.

Personal History

  1. Born on April 29, 1971 in Long Beach, CA
  2. Graduated from Ponderosa High School, Parker CO, in 1989
  3. Became a born-again Christian in 1993
  4. Attended Platte Valley Bible College from 1994-1998, graduating with a Bachelors of Art with a major in Bible
  5. First visited Mozambique for a two-month internship in the summer of 1997, under the supervision of missionary and professor Dale Mason
  6. Married Sarah Ann Smythe in Oct., 1998 and began fund-raising for full-time mission service
  7. Moved to Portugal in February, 2000 for language learning
  8. Moved to northern Mozambique in 2001 to begin serving with Good News for Africa
  9. Graduate work includes several courses on ethics from the University of South Africa; currently working towards a Masters of Business with an emphasis in International Development through Hope International University (Fullerton, CA), planning to finish work on masters degree by spring 2010

Why I Desire to Work with Insight Agents of Change

Met Al Corson in 2005 and since that time many extensive discussion were completed regarding the needs of the Mozambique Peoples and the direction mission work needs to take to be most effective. Included in these discussions was the cooperation between The Mustard Seed Association and Insight Agents of Change due to their common visions of Human Resource Development. Due to seeing the vision of Insight Agents of Change and their compatibility with the goals of The Mustard Seed Association, I wanted to become involved with Insight Agents of Change.