Board of Advisors, Insight Agents of Change


1988 - Graduated Broken Arrow High School w/honors, Drafting - Tulsa Technology Center, Advanced AutoCad Certification - Star Training Center, Licensed Life and Health Insurance sales - State of Oklahoma


2006 - Runner up, Oklahoma Father of the Year

Work Experience

2007-Present - Insight Agents of Change. promotions, scheduling, fund raising, etc.

2000-2005 - Manager/Handyman - Handyman Connection, Tulsa, OK

1996-1999 - Sales Representative, IKON Corporation. - Major account sales, government and education specialist for copy and print systems

1988-1996 - Warren Foundation, Tulsa, OK - Risk management, property insurance for multiple office buildings, management of workmans comp for 150+ employees

Personal History

My name is Jack D. Harper Jr. I was born in in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and have spent my entire life here. I graduated high school with honors in 1988 and was married. I was divorced in 2005 after 15 years and three children. Alex, my son is 12 years old, two daughters, Holly, age 11 and Ryan Sue age, 9. They are a pleasure albeit a handful and I am blessed that they have all three received Christ into their lives and been baptized! I'm hopeful this will give them the tools they need to avoid the mistakes I made in my youth since I did not find Christ until I was 35.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 34 and had surgery to remove it. Approximately six months later it had returned larger than before. I went back under for another operation, only this time I had prayer on my side. And how fortunate I was to have a church body I had little interest in at the time, to pray for me. During the surgery an artery was cut and the surgeon could not locate where the bleeding was coming from. I was gone and they were ready to sew me up, when for reasons my doctor said he couldn't explain, he moved a small piece of brain matter to one side and found the problem. Relieved he stopped the bleeding and just like that. I was back! After I came around he related the whole story to me and told me how close I came, the funny thing to me was that he didn't accept any credit for keeping me alive! His only response was to say "Somebody up there must really like you!"

Unfortunately the tumor could not be removed by traditional surgery because of the proximity of it to a major artery, but God was not yet through with me I suppose because as it turned out, the surgeon had just been to a meeting regarding the possible purchase of a new machine for the new Spine Hospital and he thought this new technology might work for me, so I was put in contact with a doctor from Stanford University in San Francisco, who was the inventor of this machine, the Cyber Knife. After reviewing my MRIs he called to tell me he could definitely get rid of the tumor but I would have to spend 8 days at Stanford to do so. I spent my 8 days in California. I have begun to grow in my relationship with the Lord.

The tumor took most of my eyesight with it. I am totally blind in my left eye and have an 18 degree visual field in my right which is blurry, sometimes worse than others. I also now take pills each day and a shot every other week because my pituitary gland was destroyed along with the tumor! Because of my eyesight I lost my job, went on disability. I met Al and Velma through mutual friends and became interested in work being proposed by Safari Insight Mission. It has been a true blessing to be a part of this ministry.