Leonard Chiteshi


Board of directors: Insight Resources International Representative in Mozambique, Africa.


1. Primary Education in Mozambique.
2. Primary and High School Education (13th grade) in Zimbabwe.
3. 2011-2015 ABC-Thinking (knowledge-comprehension-application/transformation).

Work Experience


1. Stock controller during Primary education at Lamour Supermarket, Mutare, Zimbabwe.

2. Painter, interpreter, assistant builder and carpenter during high school education in Zimbabwe.

3. 2005-2006 Stock controller at the department of transport, Coca Cola, Chimoio in Mozambique.

4. 2006-2008 All sectors of Department of Production at Coca Cola, Chimoio in Mozambique.

5. 2008-2011 Self-Employed Welder: owned a welding shop and employed 5 people), Mozambique.

6. 2011-2012 Self-Employed: small business owner—grocery shop, Mozambique.

7. 2011-2015 Insight Resources Mozambique Coordinator: Presenter, Coordinator, Interpreter, Bookkeeper, Program Developer (updating programs and training to suit local requirements to empower the people Mozambique and beyond).


Personal History


The knowledge about what exists, what does not exist, and what causes things to happen in the world around me has exposed the TRUTH which became the tool for my transformation and helped me to give Mozambican nationals and others the same tool for their own transformation. The ABC Thinking gave me back the tools taken from me and from my forefathers through oppression, colonization, tribalism, greed, etc.

 I have realized that the field of academics (book learning) is an introduction to or a small fraction of education. Worldview and its resulting cognitive processes: the value of time, the concept of individuality (Direct Identity), interpersonal relationship and motivation are major tools for comprehensive thinking and are also a part of education. Academics on its own has no value, we should understand the need to comprehend and apply the academic knowledge and non-academic knowledge to improve our thinking skills to predict and control our future.

A human being has been dignified with a mind. The mind is the most valuable treasure on the planet. God created the resources first before creating man because God knew man needed the resources for survival. Our Lord God blessed man with a brain to comprehend and look after himself, the world and to thank (praise) Him for His immeasurable love for the mankind. The mind is the real human being and it is the image of God. Naturally, man needs to administer himself first in terms of understanding the need for accountability and responsibility in order to develop his environmental management skills in a productive lifestyle. Skills that cannot be measured should take priority over negative emotions for the latter are destructive rather than problem solving. These intangible skills are: A love to learn, knowing how to learn, competiveness, integrity, ability to process knowledge, communication skills, bouncing back from failure, self-esteem (I am proud to be black and Mozambican), fear control, self-reliance, self-discipline, hunger for success, work without supervision, creativity, innovative, finding solutions, time management, ability to research, self-motivation to motivate others and above all work diligently on our maize fields, in our carpentry shops, in maintaining high standard of hygiene, in any productive sector and always remember to honor God for everything. Mozambique is not poor but the Mozambican people´s mindset can create poverty. The Biblical worldview is the only solution to the disconnections in my country, Mozambique, Africa and the world at large. Collection (through the five senses) of knowledge, comprehension (through the brain) of the acquired knowledge and application (conceptually and using my hands, legs and rest of my body) of the knowledge about world are the three basic skills for the transformation not only in Mozambique and Africa but in the rest of the world.
I knew there was something missing! I am beginning to discover “the secret of life”. I am gradually seeing with the image of God. Besides having faith in the Supernatural world I must take control of my Natural World (Genesis, 1:26). Sin has damaged, is damaging and will continue to damage the image of God on earth. What can I do to resuscitate the image of God? Investing in the human brain? What is the environment I need to control before I control the world around me? My brain is the first environment I need to control first!  If I control my brain, I will control my body, my emotions, other people, fauna, flora, water, soil, mineral resources, gas, fuel, weather and anything found in the natural world. I must strive day and night to transform (Romans 12:2) myself rather than worrying to transform the rest of the world. My transformation will influence others to transform since transformation is a do-it-yourself project.