This vehicle is part of a larger project to construct and equip farm projects in the Manica province.



The purpose of the Toyota Land Cruiser Model 70 Wagon is to provide basic transportation needs for personnel who are engaged in activities in the Manica province, towing capabilities for transport of farm animals, and light duty hauling.


The scope of this project is limited to the purchase of the Toyota LC 70 wagon, outfitting it for travel in the African bush country, and installing a towing package.


Based on current Eden Farm project plans, it is anticipated this vehicle will be needed in the late 2012 or early 2013 timeframe.

Because of the intended function, local road conditions, rugged terrain, passenger and towing needs, a list of requirements which a vehicle must meet in order to be considered for use at the Eden Farm has been developed:

  1. Passenger capacity 6+
  2. Reliable and good maintenance track record
  3. Parts and maintenance must be available in country
  4. 5000lb towing capacity
  5. Must pass all JAAI/JEVIC inspections
  6. Right Hand Drive (required in Mozambique)
  7. Diesel Power
  8. Large Fuel Capacity (60+ Liters)
  9. 5 speed manual transmission
  10. All-wheel, Full time 4-wheel, or 4-wheel drive with lockable hubs
  11. Air Conditioning
  12. Roof Top Luggage Rack

Additionally, we determined several other requirements necessary for outfitting this vehicle for work in the rugged bush country in Mozambique. They are:

  1. Brush Guard w/winch mount
  2. Front/Rear Winches
  3. Dual Battery system
  4. Deep Water Kit
  5. Mud Chains
  6. Skid Plates
  7. Rear Receiver Hitch
  8. Heavy Duty Offroad Shocks/Springs

For more information on these reqirements and why the Toyota LC70 was selected for this project, click here.

Budget Requirements

These are the anticipated costs for purchasing this vehicle in Mozambique. The bush outfitting will be performed in South Africa because there are no bush outfitters in Mozambique.

Budget Item

Local Price

US Equivalent

Toyota Land Cruiser Model 70 Wagon

MZN 2,619,150 (Mozambique Metacais)


Bush Refit in South Africa

ZAR 80692 (South African Rand)


Interpreter Fees

MZN 13785     $500


Fuel Cost (South Africa Refit)

MZN 13785, ZAR 4746


Import/Export Fees (RSA/MOZ)

MZN 2757


Vehicle Insurance, tags, title, etc

MZN 41355 (annual)


JEVIC/JAAI certificate

MZN 690



MZN 2,690,832, ZAR 85,438


* All prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates, vehicle cost, import/export fe es, etc.