Growing human potential one worldview at a time.

IN MEMORY OF VELMA CORSON: Velma Corson, one of the founding members of IRI, passed away on 9/10/2021. A memorial service will be held on 9/25/2021 in Casper, WY. MORE INFORMATION

Who we are

IRI is in the business of changing lives. Technically, we help people build essential ways of thinking and self-directed, empowered identities through seminars and ongoing coaching. Through our training, we equip people with the cognitive tools they need to engage in life to a degree they were unable to previously attain. Our participants have gained the tools necessary to make drastic improvements in, not only their working environment, but also their communities and families as well.

Latest News

Here at IRI we focus on all aspects of improving the quality of living in the communities we serve. In this case that means purchasing and supplying a tractor. UPDATE: All funds for buying the tractor and its implements have been raised. What we need now are funds for shipping . . .

Success Stories

The leaders of a small village near Chimoio, Mozambique were coached through the ABC program. The Villagers had previously relied on charity because they had self-identified as poor, and believed they could do little to develop themselves. The leaders of the village were taken through the IRI development process.